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David Phillips

David's eBooks


My latest stories in the Crime Genre. 

Crime Stories

These are books where  the law is challenged and criminals attempt to outwit  those charged with upholding the law.

The challenge is issued, the criminal tries to have his way, and the rest of the story is a contest of wills and wiles until the fates are revealed.

You can select from these stories using the selection tab provided here.

Aussie Tales

These stories embracr the times of Australia's development as a fictional account is woven into the historical framework.

The wonderful Elisabeth MacArthur is refernced in Wool Dynasty, for example.

You can check out these tales here.

Other Stories

These few books cover various genres.

'Diamonds' and 'Pearls' combine industry tales and mores along with some fictional stories where the environment of the settings and the volatility of the characters to resolve a tale of conflict.

'Tong' is a story couched in the intricacies of the life and times of Hong Kong.

Check these stories out here.

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