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Experience the early, exciting days at the Kimberley diamond mines in southern Africa with the famous Barney Barnato, one of the 'Kings of the Kimberley'. Live through the terror of the wars in Angola and Sierra Leone when blood diamonds were used to pay the price of human tragedy resulting from raging ambition. Follow a diamond heist in London through Monte Carlo to Antwerp.

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A tong is Cantonese for a guild and includes secret societies and cartels. This is a story of a few weeks in Hong Kong when it is riven by hatred, murder, drug dealings and illegal share trades whilst surrounded by the lure and excitement of events at the Happy Valley racecourse and the glitter and opportunity of the city itself. It is the world of the underdogs and eventual winners and losers in a city where winning is everything.



Relive the horror of the vicious dolphin hunts of Taijii, Japan, of the hard lives that resulted in young men being sent to Broome, in north-western Australia to a life, and often a terrible death, as divers on the luggers, plying the seas in search of pearl. Join a chase through outback Australia in pursuit of a valuable package. Meet a master jeweller and his wealthy clients at a Paris auction of a brilliant  pearl.

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