End of the Line - Overview

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

My latest Novel - set in Australia.

Would a woman of high position marry a man from the poor end of town?

Would a man who went from poor to very wealthy then lost it all be able to try again?

Would a grandson follow a dead man's trail all the way to the end of the line?


Daniel Hart met Eliza Chambers. They fell in love.

Could she marry so far below her station in life?

Would he be prepared to live in her family's grand mansion?

And along came a war.

On his return, Daniel felt the abject shame of the penniless while his fiance, Eliza, was a wealthy heiress.

A desperate departure in search of fortune led to the heartfelt fear of a beggar on the streets of a dusty mining town. The rescue by a kindly businessman who saw a lonely loser down on his luck and bereft of hope.

Would the eventual bonanza gold strike change Daniel?

Years later, would utter financial ruin be the end of him?

And how would Eliza reconcile her heart to his decision to search, yet again, for a bonanza to restore his pride?


Jacob Hart found the letters from Daniel when Eliza passed away.

He resolved to follow those letters through the back-tracks of Australia, searching for the essence of the man who was his grandfather and for the old man's final resting place.

He found all he was looking for at the end of the line.

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